Gifted Education

  • Mrs. Melissa Faro works as the lead teacher for the gifted and talented program in the Antietam School District. You can contact Mrs. Faro at 610-779-3547 or by e-mail

    Gifted and talented students in grades k-6 will have the opportunity to receive enrichment in their areas of strength through pull-out with Mrs. Faro.

    Once per cycle, Mrs. Faro meets with identified students in grades 2-6 for a thematic pull-out class which is called GATE. During GATE, students participate in activities which enhance critical/creative thinking, communication, and decision making. These classes provide
    opportunities for research and group and independent projects.

    Identified students in grades 7-9 have the option of attending a small-group seminar during homeroom several times per cycle. Students connect with other gifted learners, develop creative thinking, and enhance communication and decision-making skills.