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         The Antietam School District is proud to share that we are now planning for our second year of expanding our educational programs to offer a flexible cyber school option for students in grades K-12.  The Antietam Virtual Academy is an opportunity for students to receive an online educational experience with the personal touch of our district staff. Students who enroll in the Antietam Virtual Academy will have the ability to access an extensive course selection in addition to accessing all of the services the Antietam School District has to offer.

         As a family whose child(ren) currently participate(s) in a charter school education, we welcome you to consider coming back to the Antietam School District through participation in the new Antietam Virtual Academy. In our district, we understand the varied learning needs of children. While some students excel in a traditional school setting, others need greater independence or self-pacing. It is our goal to work together as a team, to make sure that each child’s educational experience is successful and rewarding, whether it is in a fully online, partially online, or traditional setting.

         The Antietam School District is proud to offer Edgenuity as our primary curriculum provider, whose outstanding educational programming aligned with Pennsylvania Core and Academic Standards. Throughout the duration of the year, students are able to participate in the co-curricular activities, school field trips, and upon earning the credits required for graduation, a student who attends Antietam Virtual Academy will earn an Antietam Diploma.

        If you are interested to have your son or daughter join the Antietam Virtual Academy for the first time, or return to AVA for another year, please take a second and sign up for a 30 minute virtual time slot below. 


        I will hold virtual meetings with parents and/or students on Tuesday, June 1st, Thursday, June 3rd and Friday, June 4th.  If you cannot make any of these times below, please reach out to me in a separate email and we can set something up.  Our 30 minute meeting will review the 2020-2021 school year, including your son or daughter's grades, while looking ahead to next year and their new student schedule.

    Please download our AVA Brochure for more information.

    Contact Information for AVA:  TBD or by phone at 484-219-8081