• Antietam's Mission

    Empowering all Students, Celebrating our Community, Inspiring Lifelong Growth


    As a pathway of excellence and source of pride in our community, the Antietam School District is committed to providing students with:

    • Quality educational programming through challenging curricula
    • Nurturing learning environments that value risk-taking, persistence and resilience
    • Opportunities to develop awareness, knowledge, and skills for global citizenship
    • Collaborative partnerships with our diverse community to foster social responsibility

    Shared Values

    We believe all students

    • Can learn and have potential for growth.
    • Deserve an educational program that prepares them for post-secondary life.
    • Live in an ever-changing world and must be afforded the opportunity to develop skills to adapt and thrive.

    We believe it is the responsibility of the Antietam School District to

    • Provide a safe, nurturing and student-centered learning environment.
    • Foster an attitude of continuous improvement for students and staff.
    • Create a collaborative culture that values diversity, honor differences and promote mutual respect.

    We believe parents and guardians are vital to students’ success in school and play an important role in encouraging students to value their education.

    We believe the community, including its businesses and organizations, provides opportunities to broaden students’ educational experiences.

     Antietam's Motto

    "Mounts Climb Together"

District Description

  • The Antietam School District is located in Berks County, southeast and adjacent to the City of Reading. The district encompasses approximately 5.3 square miles and is comprised of two municipalities: Mt. Penn Borough and Lower Alsace Township. As a predominantly residential community with little commercial and industrial businesses, the district currently serves approximately 1100 students in a community of 7500 residents.