• A community partnership pledged to lifetime achievement

    In keeping with our stated mission, the Antietam School District in conjunction with our community will provide a sound educational experience in a caring and supportive environment that fosters lifetime learning which:
    • Challenges and empowers all students in a rigorous standards-based curriculum
    • Utilizes technology and data-driven decision making to foster sound educational practices
    • Develops the foundation for a socially responsible, life-long learner
    • Emphasizes problem solving, analytical and creative thinking
    • Promotes a culture of respect

    Shared Values 


    1. We believe that all children can learn and the limits of individual learning are unknown.

    2. The role of the school community is to work cooperatively to support the needs of the students.

    3. All students are entitled and the District has the responsibility to create a safe and caring learning environment.

    4. The education of our children is a shared responsibility between the students, the school, the home, and the community.

    5. We believe that the future our children will live and work in will be a vastly different and ever changing world, and we must prepare them to be life-long learners prepared for the challenges of that future.

    6. We believe in the need for continuous improvement utilizing a decision-making model that is student-centered, collaborative, data-driven, and research based.

    7. Technology enhances educational programs, promotes academic achievement, and is essential in the management of the District.

    8. Healthy school communities respect differences, welcome diversity, and promote cultural diversity.

    9. Excellence in education and the personal and professional growth of all staff members are essential for continuous improvement.

    10. The district is responsible for providing educational excellence within the fiscal resources of the community.

    11. Good citizenship requires responsibility, hard-work, self-discipline, appropriate decision-making, and integrity.

    12. The district believes co-curricular participation is an integral aspect of the whole school program.


District Description

  • The Antietam School District is located in Berks County, southeast and adjacent to the City of Reading. The district encompasses approximately 5.3 square miles and is comprised of two municipalities: Mt. Penn Borough and Lower Alsace Township. As a predominantly residential community with little commercial and industrial businesses, the district currently serves approximately 1100 students in a community of 7500 residents.