Antietam School District

A Community Partnership Pledged To Lifetime Achievement!

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One of the determining factors of the success of the Antietam School District is the involvement and support of the surrounding community. The cooperation put forth by parents, friends, community leaders, and local business partners is what enhances the learning experience of every student in the district.
The Antietam School District is comprised of Lower Alsace Township (US Census Info), including Stony Creek Mills, and the Borough of Mt. Penn (US Census Info). These three suburbs of Reading cover a total of 5.3 square miles. Antietam has a population of 7,500.


EmergencyLocal Government
Lower Alsace Ambulance Assn.Lower Alsace Township Offices
Mt. Penn Fire Company OfficeMt. Penn Borough Offices


Township Sites


Athletics and recreation
AYBAPenn Alsace Football League
SCAAAntietam Rec. & Comm. Center
Mt. Penn Soccer Club