• Antietam Attendance Procedures

    If your student will be late, have an early dismissal, or be absent, please contact us.

    email icon    Email

    Mt. Penn Primary Center: MPPCattendance@antietamsd.org

    Mt. Penn Elementary Center: MPECattendance@antietamsd.org

    Middle Senior High School: MSHSattendance@antietamsd.org

    voicemail icon  Voicemail

    Mt. Penn Primay Center: (610) 314-7719 ext 1

    Mt. Penn Elementary Center: (610) 314-7719 ext 2

    Middle Senior High School: (610) 314-7719 ext 3

    note icon Note

    Plese send in a doctor's note, or written note within 3 days of your student's return to school.