• S.M.I.L.E.S. (Senior Motivators In Learning and Education Services)
    The district is pleased to continue this tax exchange program for senior citizens. Seniors may volunteer their services in our schools in exchange for tax credit. The program is open to residents who are 62 years of age or older and pay residential property taxes.
    Participants have the opportunity to volunteer for up to 100 hours of service in exchange for $500 reduction in next year's school property taxes per residence.
    Do You Qualify?
    • Age 62 or older
    • Residential property owner residing in the Antietam School District
    How to Apply
    • Contact the district administration office for an application at (610) 779-0554, ext. 4119.
    • Submit a completed application along with a copy of Act 34 (Criminal Background Check) and Act 151 (Child Abuse Clearance) from within the past 5 years. The forms and information to apply on-line can be found in "clearance Information" under Human Resources Department.
    • Participation is limited to the first twenty-five (25) qualifying senior citizens
    The experience and knowledge of our senior citizen volunteers are needed in a broad range of areas, including a host of areas working with students and helping in our buildings.A small listing includes
    Working Directly with Students:
    • Helping students in the cafeteria, library, classroom, or computer lab
    • Helping as a tutor
    • Listening to children read or reading to children
    Working in Support Areas:
    • Playing piano or other musical instrument
    • Assisting in art, physical education, library, home economics or science labs
    Working in Offices and Building Support:
    • Special assignments in cleaning, groundskeeping, or painting
    • Assisting in health room, library, or office