• Nutrition Information and Links

    The Food Service Department is proud to contribute to the educational process by providing healthy meals to Antietam students daily.

    Snacking Tips for Parents

    • Plan ahead and buy healthy snacks when you shop. You will save money and make healthier choices than if you or your kids are buying snacks on the go.
    • Provide kids with choices and make those choices nutritious.
    • Pre-portion you child's snacks into small plastic bags to grab on the go.
    • Combine snacks from at least two food groups to pack more nutrients into your child's diet... it will be more filling and it will hold them over to the next meal.
    • And remember... space snacks far enough between meals so appetites are not spoiled!

    Through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Department of Defense (DoD) Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, USDA is able to offer schools a wider variety of fresh produce than would normally be available through the USDA Foods program. Antietam Food Service Department is a strong participant in the DoD Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.  We are excited to offer Antietam students fresh fruit ranging from grapes to strawberries when available.  


               School Nutrition Association, the national, professional organization for school food service workers. http://www.schoolnutrition.org/

               School Nutrition Association of Pennsylvania, our state, professional organization. Learn what is new in school foodservice. www.snapa.org

               American Dietetic Association. www.eatright.org

               Information on health, development, food, and activities. http://www.healthykids.org

               PA Nutrition Education Network www.panen.org 

               US Department of Agriculture www.fns.usda.gov