In order to experience a well-rounded educational program, club and co-curricular activities have been developed for students in the Antietam Middle-Senior High School. Students are encouraged to participate and take full advantage of these opportunities.


    Students who wish to begin a new club are encouraged to do so by first proposing the idea to the principal for tentative approval. Secondly, the students must find an advisor, preferably a member of the Antietam staff.  Finally, the organization will draft a set of by-laws from which to operate and elect officers and must submit the documents to the principal for final approval.


    Students are reminded that participation in, or attendance at, club and co-curricular events is a privilege, not a right. Furthermore, these events are extensions of the classroom and students are governed by the rules established for behavior in school. In order to retain this privilege, students must maintain acceptable academic and discipline records and demonstrate proper behavior at all times.Failure to perform adequately in any of these areas will be grounds for removal from the activity and/or banned from participation.